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A new start..

Well it’s been awhile.. like MONTHS.. not okay. 

So that mean time to start fresh and time to start over. Nothing but good thoughts and motivation, no I’m to tired and no excuses. 

Weekly healthy eating tip to myself: No fast food! (this will be VERY hard..) 

Starting weight: 150

Goal: 125

post runs! 

Got to bust out the vest last night, 70 and warm!! tonight not so much on 56, so the jacket came back out :(  

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starting over.


well. I broke my foot and toe about 2 weeks ago, I was doing great working out, eating right and then bam! 

well I ran today did about 4 miles and felt great, hurts a  little now, but whats a little pain? 

Week 2..

haven’t really started week too work out, been sick and horribly busy with school and work, but I have been eating more fruits and vegies as well as eating breakfast every day!   

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I feel like I haven’t had much change in my abs, but more so in my arms. 

finished week one, feels a sore, but nothing comes easy.

Motivation and dedication. Just do it. 

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